Our Commitment to Sustainability

A fertile planet is the basis of life which we have to preserve for the next generations. For BioNaturals, we define sustainability as never putting our profitability above sound ecological principles.

We are convinced that our economic success is inseparably linked to protecting the environment. It is in our best interest to preserve the earth’s fertility, since we process most of our material from her resources.

Our Approach to Sustainability

By investing in our employees’ qualifications and in our technological processes, we continue to minimize our environmental footprint and positively impact our customers’ ecological performance.

In all of our processes, from purchasing, to production and marketing, we strive to avoid waste, emissions, and reduce water consumption or to recycle wherever reduction is not possible.

Charitable donations

Since 2015, BioNaturals has been supporting David Gido, Jacky Lyimo and Matinga Ragatz to create a school concept in the KIA region of Arusha, Tanzania to serve the population of Masai children from the nearby villages. Construction of a first school building was completed in 2018. The school now serves 35 children and continues to grow.

David and Jacky’s mission is to create learning opportunities for children who have little to no access to quality schooling by designing an innovative self-sustaining school model customized for the needs of the students of each community.

The first school is called the KIA Flood Garden Learning Centre where the children are learning about the food industry from the primary basics through the many aspects of the science of food creation, development, and distribution.